Top Up Offers

MP3 Panda has a minimum top up payment of $29.95, but if you're willing to top up a little extra, they give you some nice freebies back. At the moment, they are giving you extra credit on your account for free!

This means if you top up $49.94, MP3 Panda will give you $10.00 for free. Making you account balance $59.94 to spend on whatever mp3s you like. If you top up a huge $99.95, MP3 Panda give you an extra $30.00 for free. So this makes your balance $129.95.

I dare anyone to try and spend all of that in one go on the site! This is just another reason why I love MP3 Panda. That and the Free Album I get from them everyday and the 5¢ tracks!

Your choice of downloads

MP3 Panda may only be 5¢ a song which is all good and well, but that's no good if they only offer their customers a few thousand songs. Luckily for us though, MP3 Panda offer their customers over 1,880,940 tracks to download. That's a heck of a lot of songs and at such a cheap price, it's hard to ignore this site.

It just keeps getting better. In the last few months, MP3 Panda have reduced their price from 20¢ per song to just 5¢. The homepage has a nice little feature with rotating top albums; it always nice to be given some inspiration. They have improved their search and a million other little changes that makes them one of the best cheap mp3 download sites on the web.

Get over to MP3 Panda now to start downloading cheap mp3 songs.

Get a Free Album every single day!

MP3 Panda are offering their customers a Free Album everyday.

All you have to do to be a part of this great deal is go to MP3 Panda, register (which is free to do) and get downloading the album.

The free album is featured on the homepage and changes everyday, so keep a look out for it each day. Downloading it is easy, just click 'download'! Simple as that!

It is then yours to do what you like with. Put it on your iPod, phone, laptop, CD's, whatever you want. Great news all round!

Thanks MP3 Panda! Remember, songs cost just 5¢ each as well, so if another album catches your eye on the site, take advantage of their low prices.

What is MP3 Panda?

MP3 Panda is a cheap mp3 download websites, with songs costing just 5¢ each. This puts iTunes 99¢ to shame! This website is a review and blog site all about MP3 Panda. The good, the bad and anything else in between. I will cover everything you need to know about getting cheap legal mp3s from MP3 Panda here. Anything else you want to know, feel free to contact me.