Today's FREE album:

Today's free mp3 album from MP3 Panda is the soundtrack to the Disney movie, 'Enchanted'. All you have to do to grab your free copy is go over to MP3 Panda now and register. It's free to do, then you can download your free album.

So what's on the album?

True Love's Kiss (Amy Adams & James Marsden)

Happy Working Song (Amy Adams)

That's How You Know (Amy Adams)

So Close (Jon McLaughlin)

Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)

Adalasia (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Into The Well (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Robert Says Goodbye (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Nathaniel & Pip (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Prince Edward's Search (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Girls Go Shopping (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Narissa Arrives (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Storybook Ending (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

Enchanted Suite (Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz)

That's Amore (James Marsden)

Prodigy - Invaders Must Die FREE

imageToday's free album from MP3 Panda is the Prodigy's new release, 'Invaders Must Die'. If you're already a customer with MP3 Panda, head over to the site now to take advantage of this great deal. If you're not, get over to the site and register. It takes a few seconds and it's free. Then you can download the free daily album everyday!

Greenday - 21st Century Breakdown FREE

As you may know, or if you've read the introduction text above, MP3 Panda offer a free album everyday to their customers and today is no exception. Sometimes the album is a bit pants, other times, it's a chart best seller. Today, it's Greenday's new album, 21st Century Breakdown.

So if you want a free album, dive right in and register with MP3 Panda to grab one for yourself. Registration is free too so there is no catch here what-so-ever.

Minimum Top Up Differences

I've been asked about MP3 Panda and it's minimum payment. MP3 Panda has two minimum top up amounts, depending on your location. Some users will see $29.95, others will see $20.00. Research has proved that UK customers will be given $29.95 as the minimum payment, everyone else is given $20.00. So if you're a UK customer, and don't want to pay $29.95, you might be better off with another site, check out a list of alternatives here: MP3 Obsession Comparison Table.

If you're not from the UK, then you're onto a right good deal! $20.00 top up and songs costing just 5¢ each is a really good deal! Head over to MP3 Panda now to get your cheap songs!

Four Charts Lists

MP3 Panda offer a huge number of songs for you to download, (over 1,952,101) they also offer an extensive list of genres, new releases, a free album every day and loads of other little features.

To extend this great site even more, there is a charts menu that lists the top 40 for four regions:

USA Top 40

UK Top 40

Euro Top 40

and World Top 40

This is good for even more inspiration on the site. Go to MP3 Panda now to see the charts for yourself.