Todays Freebie

MP3 Panda's free album today is Little Boots, Hands.

You can download the album for free from MP3 Panda, you just need to register, which is free and you're done.

Today's Free Album

The FREE album from MP3 Panda today is Cascada's Evacuate the Dancefloor. To download this album for free, head over to MP3 Panda, register (which is free) and click download. Job done! You've got yourself a free album!

If you like the site and want to download more, songs on the site are just each.

New Artist Page

The MP3 Panda site is getting better and better, they now have full biographies on the artist pages, as well as related links, which lead to sites such as Last.FM, Wikipedia and the artists official website.

The site keeps getting these little features added to it, which is quickly making it not just the cheapest, but also one of the best sites on the web to get music from.

Don't forget the Download Manager

MP3 Panda are always trying to improve their site and make downloading music easy and quick. This is why they have created the 'Download Manager'.

You can download this from the MP3 Panda homepage or click here. It's easy to install (more info) and can really speed up your music downloading time. Everything is downloaded with one click so you can start listening to music pretty much straight away.

Head over to MP3 Panda now to see what the site is like and get the download manager.

Free Album

Today's free album from MP3 Panda is The Essential Michael Jackson.

Download the album from the MP3 Panda homepage for free, all you need to do is make sure you are registered with the site and you can get your copy.