100% Bonus

MP3 Panda are giving away 100% bonuses between the 14th and 24th December only.

During this time, MP3 Panda will double any credit you add to your balance. The more you top up, the more you get! So, if you top up $40, MP3 Panda will give you $40!

If you're not already registered with MP3 Panda, now is a good time to do so to make sure you get the bonus while it's available. You can register here: Register with MP3 Panda.

Head over to the site to see what they have to offer and get the 100% bonus while you can.

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday on MP3 Panda. That means that they will give you a massive 100% bonus on any top up your make for today only.

S0, if you top up $20.00, they will add $20.00 to your balance for you.

This offer is open to new and existing customers, so if you need to top up your account with MP3 Panda, or you want to start using the site to download music, today is a good day to do so!

The offer has also been extended due to it's popularity until the 30th November, so if you don't see this news post until tomorrow, there is still time to get yourself a fantastic deal!

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Get your free album today

MP3 Panda are giving away a free album today, and everyday for that matter. Todays freebie is Beyonce's new album, I am... Sasha Fierce. You can get your free copy of the album by going to MP3 Panda, registering and then clicking 'download'. Make sure you check back on the site tomorrow for another great free album!

MP3 Panda, iPods & iTunes

If you, like millions of other people have got an iPod, iPhone or anything else apple related that plays music, you will more than likely know how much iTunes charge for their music. Luckily, there is a solution, MP3 Panda charge just per song on their site, so it's a lot lot cheaper, when you look at iTunes 99¢ per track price.

Getting cheap music is one thing, but being able to put it onto your iPod is quite another!

If you need help with this, you're in the right place. If you've got a bit of computer knowledge, or none at all, this guide can help you. Putting music on your iPod that isn't from iTunes is not as difficult as you think!

This guide will help you with two thing, getting the music from MP3 Panda to your pc and getting the music from your pc to your iPod.

Downloading from MP3 Panda

Downloading music from MP3 Panda is very simple. Once you're registered and have some money on your account, you just need to start finding some music you want to download.

  1. Find an album, or track, you want to download.

  2. Click 'Download' next the track you want, or click 'Download Album' if you want the whole thing.

  3. You will see a pop-up box confirming the amount that is to be deducted from your account and will be asked to confirm your purchase.

  4. Once you have done so, the tracks or album you want can be found find in 'Downloads' at the very top of the site.

  5. Here, you will find all the songs that you have purchased. You now need to download the tracks to your PC so you can use them.

  6. Click 'Download' on the tracks or albums you want. You will be asked if you want to save or open the files.

  7. Click 'save' and choose a location. This can be wherever you want, but if you want them in your iTunes library, the best place to save the file is the iTunes folder, which is inside your 'My Music' folder.

  8. Navigate to this, if you're using the latest version of iTunes, inside the iTunes folder will be another, 'iTunes Media'.

  9. Inside there will be yet another folder called 'Automatically Add to iTunes'.

  10. Save all your MP3 Panda music here and iTunes will do the rest. It will add any music to your iTunes library that you put into that folder.

Hopefully that guide will help some of you out, once the music in your iTunes library, you can drag the songs across to your iPod ready to go with you anywhere.

If you need any more help, no matter how small it may seem, please feel free to contact me and I will help as best I can. If anyone has anything to add to this, please comment below and I will publish it.

Get Madness for free

MP3 Panda's free album today is Madness's 'Total Madness'.

The album has 23 of their best tracks, including Baggy Trousers, Our House and Shut Up.

Head over to MP3 Panda now to to get your free copy of the album from the site. Just register and download.