How to get $120 for free

There's always a catch of course, but this one is actaully quite a good deal!

You need to top up your MP3 Panda account in order to download mp3s from the site. However, when you top up more than the minimum amount, you can earn up to $120 free credit to spend on the site.

So here's a breakdown of the offers:

When you top up $29.95, you will get $20.00 added to your balance for free, when you top up $49.95 and you will get $60.00 added to your balance for free and when you top up your account with $94.95 and you will get $120.00 for free.

So you have to top up a lot to get the offer, but you get a lot more for free! These offers won't last long, so get them while you can!

MP3 Panda Price Increase

Prices at MP3 Panda have gone from 5¢ to 20¢.  Check out MP3 Obsession to compare all cheap mp3 sites to look at better deals.

Track price reduction at MP3 Panda

MP3 Panda have changed their prices again, this time for the better!

They have lowered them back down to just each. The majority of albums will cost you just 50¢ on the site too, regardless of how many tracks it has on it.

Head over to MP3 Panda now to make the most of these cheap prices.

Magic March

MP3 Panda are running a special offer during March.

When you top up your account, they are giving 100% bonuses. This means that whatever you top up will be doubled, meaning you can download twice as much music.

The minimum top up amount of $29.95 applies, but this will also be doubled if you top up before the 31st March.

Head over to MP3 Panda now to get this great offer.

More Freebies from MP3 Panda

MP3 Panda are extending three of their Christmas offers up to the 10th January.

The three offers are:

1. 100% bonus, deposit a minimum of $20 to your account and your money will be doubled for free!

2. The Gold account, where you can download an unlimited amount of mp3s for a year for $149.95.

3. The Platinum account, where you can download a lifetimes worth of unlimited mp3s for $199.95.

Head over to MP3 Panda now to get one of these deals.