Why you should use MP3 Panda

MP3 Panda is one of the best sites on the web for downloading music. There are lots of sites online claiming to offer you cheap songs etc, but MP3 Panda really is one of the better ones. (Click here for alternative sites) So why is the panda so good? Well firstly, songs are ridiculously cheap at just 5 cents each. The next best cheapest site on the web (LegalSounds) offers them for 9 cents, almost twice the price! MP3 Panda offer a free album to customers after sign up, a massive bonus you don't get from other music sites on the web. The site is constantly improving too, there is always a new feature being added to the homepage, they are always adding more music and making the site better and better. This site is going from strength to strength and is showing no sign of slowing down! MP3 Panda has a download manager which helps you when you're after some new songs. Other sites have download managers but they aren't half as good as this one. Overall, MP3 Panda is one of the best sites I've used in a long while. The design and usability of the site has been thought about and someone has actually used it before allowing it to become a site. And that goes a long way on the web.